Shop Fronts

shop iconShop Front’s are popular and most used style of signage. Shop front is a used, cheap form of advertising. We can used for them flat Diabond panels with simple lettering graphics or digital print’s.
One of most effective is use Lightbox which is more likely to be seen then traditional banners, or sign. Lightboxes can be used indoor and outdoor. They are well seen day or night. Effective Lightboxes, which are lighted from inside which guarantee effectiveness, with fulfills positive impression on your company.

Due to the technology, light boxes are divided into:

  • Lightboxes from the front of the Perspex (strong) – the technology we use for small formats in order to avoid the collapse of Perspex.
  • Lightboxes with the front flexible (soft) – successfully applied even to very large formats.
  • Lightboxes embossed-technology used mainly for mass productions. Embossing can perform all sorts of complex 3D shapes.

All Lightboxes can be single or double-sided. Structures of light boxes are made primarily of aluminum (except panels of Perspex). The shapes of the light boxes can be very simple (square, rectangle), or a higher degree of complexity (circle, ellipse, rounded polygon or any other shape)