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If you are looking for a method that can be done cheap T-shirts starting at 1 piece, it is the FLEX film meet these expectations. Through it the attractive rates we put on T-shirts logos, inscriptions and other less complicated graphics. We offer more than 30 colors of print. T-shirts can at the same time have different prints. This makes it possible to place them on the name, race number or other personalized inscription. It’s a great idea for a party or sports, while a nice souvenir for gifted person.


FLOCK is a nice touch, shammy-like material with fine hairs. T-shirts with the material we have from 1 piece, because the process is not complicated. This printing method does not allow for application-on small elements. This makes it suitable for placing on clothing simple designs and graphic elements. T-shirts of this kind we can offer 30 colors.


TATOO eco-solvent is the method that we can offer really demanding customers. Imprints on clothing can be very specific here. They are also characterized by high quality. All this makes the trouble becomes putting on T-shirts and other clothing complicated graphics designs or gradation images. To perform this type of printing we use a special film which is then annealed at very high temperatures. An additional advantage is that the contract can be submitted from 1 piece. Thanks to the T-shirts of high quality can also obtain individuals.


If you want to order T-shirts or other items of clothing, and do not have a design, also help. We prepare complex designs printing – from the very simple to very complicated – consisting of many colors, gradations and complex graphics. Often T-shirts are in accordance with your wishes be based on images found on the Internet. Such materials are often characterized by low quality. For us it is not a problem. Our experienced designers will cope well with such problems to create interesting and attractive prints on clothing.